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Seung Bin Joo is a landscape photographer based in Paris, France. His passion and love for nature drives him to go outdoors and capture beautiful landscapes. His journey of landscape photography began back when he was living in Bonn, Germany. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery in Europe, he started to take photos of the places he visited. While initially it started as casual photo taking, his interest in photography quickly grew as he visited more and more locations. He was particularly drawn towards natural landscapes and especially the mountains. Over the years, he has travelled to a multitude of locations around the world to photograph stunning landscapes including the fjords of Norway, the cliffs of Normandy, the peaks of the Dolomites and the lakes of the Alpine region. View his landscape gallery to discover more photos of breathtaking landscapes.


Adventure is one of the most exciting aspects of travel photography. Visiting unfamiliar locations and discovering new places is always something that Seung Bin looks forward to. Adventure photography encapsulates this feeling of adventure by incorporating people into images of landscapes. This not only gives the viewers a sense of adventure, but also allows them to better appreciate the scale of the landscape. Often times, adding a person into the shot can introduce perspective and hence give the viewers an idea of how big the structures in the image are, whether they are waterfalls, mountains or lakes. View the adventure photography gallery to discover more photos of journeying in nature.


As impressive as nature's landscapes are, humans have also built beautiful structures. Having lived in Europe for the past few years, Seung Bin has been exposed to some of the most beautiful historical monuments and buildings in the world. He has taken this opportunity to capture stunning man made structures including iconic monuments, giant cathedrals, historic bridges, modern towers and sweeping skylines. View the cityscape gallery to discover more photos of cityscapes.


Timelapses are a great way to show the evolvement of a scene as time elapses. Sometimes a single frame doesn't do justice to the constantly changing details of a scene. Be it clouds, boats, waves or people, timelapses are able to capture the motion of a scenery and compress it into a short video that often reveals beautiful patterns and movements. View the motion timelapse gallery for more timelapse videos.

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